Managed Accounts

Financial advisors want each plan participant to feel like their number one priority. Plan participants should have their individual risk preferences reflected as they change over time. Additionally, participants’ financial lives are growing more and more complex with multiple revenue streams flowing towards their retirement goals.

With all the moving pieces, it can be difficult for financial advisors to customize each plan to fit their clients’ needs. A managed accounts solution’s comprehensive view simplifies the work flow for financial advisors while providing better services for each plan participant.

What is a managed accounts solution?

A managed accounts solution helps advisors to more efficiently offer personalized asset allocation. This service personalizes the investment strategy based on a participant's unique financial situation, their risk tolerance, their outside holdings, and their retirement goals.

Managed accounts solutions also feature a glidepath. The glidepath utilizes individual risk preference to transition participant savings from riskier to more conservative assets across the plan’s life span. This may or may not be customizable depending upon your solution provider.

Is offering a managed accounts solution right for you?

*In January 2019, Morningstar published a study looking at the impact of managed accounts on 60,805 participants. They found that after enrolling in managed accounts, participants increased savings rates by a 33% average, with a median deferral of 6% increasing to 8%, which is a 2% absolute increase. Morningstar projects a 30-year old using the managed account service could realize $5,548 in additional retirement income, even after including a .4% annual managed accounts fee. 1

We want to help you find your best-fit managed accounts solution! Below we have listed our 3 offerings with how they meet each criterion:

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1 David Blanchett, “The Impact of Managed Accounts on Participant Savings and Investment Decisions” (Morningstar Research, 2019) 1.