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Lawrence Solomon: Financial Wellness Interview

In Lawrence Solomon's recent blog post "Financial Wellness, A Fad Or Indispensable", Larry shared his thoughts on the endurance of financial wellness within organizations.

In this "interview style" video follow-up, Larry provides a more detailed analysis including: the effectiveness of financial wellness tools for participants, how companies can increase their adoption rates, and some financial wellness tools that are available to plan participants through ABGRM.

6 Things You Can Do to Take Control of Your Retirement Savings

While it could be argued that any savings are good savings, having a defined strategy could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your 401(k) plan.

Think of it like exercise. Those who are sedentary during the week and then go "all out" on the weekends tend to have more injuries and less progress than those who have consistent, sustainable habits woven into their daily lives.

Similarly, occasional attempts at saving; driven by energy and passion, may be easier in the short run, but produce a less desirable result in the long run.


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