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THE PROSPECTING FLOW: The Discovery Meeting

Past articles in the Prospecting Flow series discussed starting the conversation with a 401(k) prospect plan decision maker, posing your initial questions to confirm the research you have on the plan, managing their objections and obtaining their opinion on improvements for the company 401(k) plan. You are now able to decide whether to move forward with them and set up the Discovery Meeting.

THE PROSPECTING FLOW: Initial Profiling Questions and Objection Handling

From the diagram below, you can see the flow of managing a prospect objection. First, relax knowing the prospect isn't rejecting you or your possible solutions; they are rejecting being interrupted. Acknowledge their issue with a simple, "I understand." And if necessary, ask them a question to clarify their issue and respond. If the prospect plan decision maker states, "Our plan is working fine." You might reply, "Fine is on the way towards great. I can't make your plan great overnight, but I can work towards it over time. What do you want to see improved with your company 401(k) plan?"


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