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ABG Founders

Today, Alliance Benefit Group Rocky Mountain (ABGRM) services over 300 advisors. These advisors have trusted the company with more than 1,300 plans which contain approximately 40,000 participants. ABGRM provides jobs to 50+ employees between its Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado locations.

Despite its current size, ABGRM started off like many other mom and pop shops in the valley.


Cybersecurity- What YOU Can Do & What ABGRM is Doing to Protect Your Data

"The financial sector spent $90 billion on cybersecurity [in 2017],” John Ortman wrote for NAPA-Net.org.

Cybersecurity, or “…a set of techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access,” (paloaltonetworks.com) is more crucial than ever in the financial industry where billions of dollars in assets are on the line.


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