ABGRM Sales Tools In Action- Advisor Perspective

How have you seen advisors utilize our services?

This is the final article in our 3-part blog series highlighting advisor sales tools offered by ABGRM. In the first article, we interviewed ABGRM top sales person Fran Mulgrew on the various tools available to financial advisors working with ABGRM. Our second article took a deeper dive into what these tools are and how our team has seen them help advisors like you.

This final article will showcase testimonials from successful financial advisors who have utilized our tools to expand their books of business.

First, CJ Harrison is the vice president at DecisionPoint Financial, LLC. CJ told me about his experience with our 401(k) Sales training program. He said, "ABG Rocky Mountain continues to provide support in the ongoing technical development of our team. A few examples of that include their 401(k) Sales Champion platform, webinars, and other educational resources. The 401(k) Sales Champion is a great tool that is used to bring new hires & interns up to speed on all things 401(k) plans."

I was also able to connect with Tyler Hunt, a financial advisor with Arista Wealth Management. Tyler talked about his experience with our plan checkpoint reports. He said, "I use the plan checkpoint report on an annual basis to see how the 401k plan is doing and areas of improvement. The plan checkpoint report works well for advisors and the plan sponsor to see where the plan stands in every area."

Tyler also commented on his experience with our payroll integration technology saying, "Payroll integration is great because this takes a burden off whoever is processing payroll each period and reduces the liability of something being missed."

If you would like to learn more about any of these tools, read our second blog post here.

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