ABG Managed Accounts

As the financial situations of clients becomes more complex, it can be difficult for financial advisors to customize each plan to fit their clients' needs. A managed accounts solution helps advisors to more efficiently offer personalized asset allocation. Managed accounts provide a comprehensive view that simplifies the workflow for financial advisors while providing a more tailored fit for each plan participant.

ABGRM offers three managed accounts solutions to our clients: Fidelity Investments' PAS-W, Stadion's StoryLine and our own, ABGRM managed accounts solution. Visit our website to see a side-by-side comparison of the three solutions and to find out more about our solution check out these three simple reasons to choose ABGRM's solution below.

Three Reasons to Choose ABGRM's Managed Accounts Solution

ABGRM's managed accounts solution makes it possible for financial advisors to provide a higher quality service for their clients while keeping costs low. Additionally, ABG's managed accounts solution is an ideal product for financial advisors because it provides alignment automations and leaves important investment decisions up to a qualified professional financial advisor. ABGRM's solution combines target-date based funds and risk assessment preferences all rolled into one solution.

Read on to find out the details of three great reasons to choose ABGRM's managed accounts solution.

More Personalization and More Comprehensive Coverage
  • Currently, most participants' plans only take into consideration their target date of retirement or their risk tolerance. There is a better way to take both factors into consideration and maintain consistent communication with participants. Our solution combines the two most popular 401(k) investment options and updates clients' preferences annually.

Highly Customizable and Easy-to-Use Features
  • ABGRM's managed accounts solution provides an easy-to-use platform for clients and advisors to stay connected. Our platform makes it simple for advisors to manage rebalancing and adjusting clients glidepaths. We provide a quick yet thorough risk assessment tool that can be updated as necessary allowing changing financial lives to be reflected in investment decisions. Managed accounts clients also receive annual milestone messaging updating them on their progress and reminding them to adjust their risk assessment if needed.

    Our managed accounts solution gives advisors autonomy in investment choice, allows advisors to remain the fiduciary, and is highly flexible depending on the needs of advisors and their clients. Our managed accounts platform is highly customizable allowing for investments, the risk tolerance questionnaire, and the glidepath to be designed with your specific needs considered. Advisors can use ABGRM's low cost CIT's where the 3(38) fiduciary responsibility remains with us or advisors can use their own fund selection and take on the 3(38) responsibility themselves.

    ABGRM's managed accounts solution is fully integrated with our recordkeeping platform making clients' experience of tracking their retirement account seamless with an easy one-stop shop that is a step above what most participants have access to today.

Lower Cost
  • While managed accounts can provide better outcomes for clients who use them, one perceived limitation is higher costs. ABGRM's managed accounts can have fees as low as 25bps. ABGRM provides a managed accounts solution that keeps fees low while providing clients with a modular, extensible solution.

It's as easy as one, two, three! Want to find out more? Please click Here to link to our website where you can watch our ABGRM managed accounts webinar anytime and read more about our solution and the other managed accounts solutions available.