ABG Health: Mobile App Update Launching June 23, 2018!

Attention Cafeteria plan participants! We are so excited to announce the release of the newest update of our mobile app on Saturday, June 23.

This update will feature organizational changes such as: a sleek new design and improved user navigation.

It will also feature functional changes such as: an eligible expense scanner and an HSA investment tracker.

Let's take a look at what this means for you:

Organizational Updates

While the updated design may take a moment to get used to, we believe that the changes will improve your user experience and the functionality of the app.

One alteration to be aware of is the updated home screen button names:

Dashboard>> Manage Expenses
HSA Transaction>> Make HSA Transaction
Quick view>> View Account Snapshot

This change will not impact button functionality, but we do hope that it will improve the navigational transparency and first-time user experience.

Functional Updates

Let's talk about the new eligible expense scanner, because in our opinion, this is one of the most exciting features in the new update.

With the eligible expense scanner, participants can now scan barcodes through the app to determine if the product is eligible for their FSA or HSA plan.

Participants can utilize this feature up to 100 scans/ month. This feature's immediate feedback can save participants time and money!

This feature should only be used for FSA and HSA plans. If you have an HRA through your employer, contact your plan provider for a list of eligible expenses for that plan.

The second update that we're pretty excited about is the HSA investment details summary.

Mobile users can now view their investment gains and losses on the go, simply by opening "View HSA Investments".

This feature will display the beginning balance, your investment's recent activity, and current balance. Up-to-date graphs will help users to visualize their portfolio rate of return and how it compares to past benchmarks.

Don't forget to update your mobile app to take advantage of these awesome new features!

Our partners over at Wex Health Cloud did an awesome job. We're excited to see where this newest update takes us!

Search for "ABG Health" on the App Stores!

Or click a button below to download now!