Using Our Key Takeaways from 2018 to Shape the New Year

Traditionally, New Year's is a time to reflect on the past and use what we learn to improve the future. Plato said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." With over 50 employees (and a considerable number of new hires), I thought that it would be interesting to interview several members of the ABG dream team to learn about their biggest 2018 takeaways.

Here's what they said:

"I learned that small things like hiking the stairs or going for a short walk can have a positive effect on your health and mood. They can make you more productive at work," said Jim Moyer, one of our client service managers.

ABGRM president Shawn Oram said, "While there is a lot of discussion regarding the entitled and self-important natures of the millennial generation, I have come away from 2018 with a renewed respect and motivation from this generation of young adults. ABGRM hired several millennials this last year. I am convinced that it is this generation of collaborators and problem solvers who are going to help us take our business to the next level."

Julie Halversen, our newest software development intern, has been an awesome addition to the ABG team. She has jumped into each project ready to learn. She said, "I learned that it is okay not to know everything. It is more important to give your best effort and try to learn. I think striving for a deeper understanding is more important than the right answer."

"Having an investment advisor assist with a participant's investment selection helps them perform with good and bad markets and high volatility." Jeff Zobell said, CEO of ABG Rocky Mountain.

Ryan Powell, one of our newest client service managers, sent me this as he reflected on this last year; "Looking back, I can say for certain that 2018 was a year to remember. I graduated from college, began my first full-time job, was named co-employee of the month, got a promotion, and became engaged. Not everything went according to plan; it rarely does. You have to accept that not everything is in your control and sometimes you've just got to jump into the unknown."

As Ryan reminded us, things won't always go our way. Life happens whether we do anything or not.

John C. Maxwell's theory on reflective thinking teaches us that as we study the past, we can use the truths that we learn to improve the future.

Let's apply this to our finances for a moment. Consider your financial successes. Did you meet your savings goals? Did you make regular deferrals for your 401k plan? Do you feel peaceful on the path you are on when you consider your financial future?

Consider your financial setbacks. For example, did you remove money from your 401k plan to cover inadequate savings? Did you incur unnecessary debt?

Let's make 2019 a better financial year for all of us. According to Invest Blue's article "The connection between financial health & physical well-being", studies show that financial and physical health are interconnected.

As we work to improve our financial health, we will see benefits in other areas of our lives.

By reflecting upon last year's successes and setbacks, we can start now to make 2019 our best year yet.