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Cybersecurity- What YOU Can Do & What ABGRM is Doing to Protect Your Data

"The financial sector spent $90 billion on cybersecurity [in 2017],” John Ortman wrote for NAPA-Net.org.

Cybersecurity, or “…a set of techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access,” (paloaltonetworks.com) is more crucial than ever in the financial industry where billions of dollars in assets are on the line.

This One Thing Could Save Employers TIME & MONEY

(This blog post is written for payroll providers. Financial advisors, please share this information with your clients to help them maximize their time.)

Most employers recognize that one of the hardest parts of administering their benefit programs is the ongoing data collection and remittance that must be sent to their benefits administrators. If they are doing bimonthly or even weekly payroll, that’s a lot of time… and money!

What’s more, this data is often less complete than the data received when sent by the payroll integration company.


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