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Financial Wellness, A Fad or Indispensable

Every two to three years, a new buzz word is embraced by the retirement plan industry. For the last two years that term has been "Financial Wellness" and it is most likely here to stay.

Financial Wellness is an all-encompassing term to mean a comprehensive collection of tools and education provided to the employees in the workplace. The tools can be varied, but include at a minimum: an assessment tool, education, calculators, videos and articles.

ADP & ACP Testing Deadlines

We are quickly approaching the deadline for making any corrections to plans that fail nondiscrimination testing. What follows is a discussion of what these tests are and how failed tests can be corrected, both for the plan year being tested and going forward.

Nondiscrimination Testing
401(k) plans are subject to nondiscrimination testing, specifically the Actual Deferral Percentage (ADP) and Actual Contribution Percentage (ACP) tests.


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