Advisor Support

Alliance Benefit Group understands that retirement plans may or may not be a large part of your business model. For this reason, we have developed a suite of deliverables to compliment your work with your clients. Alliance Benefit Group will either work directly with your clients or serve as a back office support to your delivery model.

Core Services

3(38) Fiduciary Protection
We will sign on in an agreement with your client to act as a 3(38) Fiduciary on the plan. We will be bonded and contractually obligated to take full responsibility for the investment process.

Investment Policy Statement
We will create a custom investment policy statement for your client’s plan.

Fund Line-up
We will provide you a 404(c) compliant retirement plan fund line-up or screen and assess a line-up you provide to us.

On-going Monitoring and Management
We will produce and provide proprietary quarterly investment monitoring reports on all the funds in the plan. If a fund is failing our criteria, we will provide a replacement option and necessary notices.

Model Portfolios
For an additional fee, we will create custom model risk-based portfolios for the plan. These model portfolios are tactical in nature and are re-balanced regularly. Monitoring and reporting will be provided on the models.

Ready to leave the business?
Alliance Benefit Group offers exit strategies and highly competitive compensation for buy-outs.

Fiduciary Responsibility Management

We understand the complexities and responsibilities of being a fiduciary. By providing full or co-fiduciary protection, we are able to mitigate the fiduciary responsibilities inherent with being a plan sponsor. We take a comprehensive approach in understanding fiduciary requirements specified by the Department of Labor, the IRS, and Employee Retirement Income Securities Act (ERISA) legislation.

ERISA 3(21)

Co-Fiduciary Protection

Provide recommendations on inclusion or replacement funds

Your committee has final authority

We are in it with you for recommendation responsibilities

ERISA 3(38)

Full Fiduciary Protection on investments

Provide investment information for inclusion or replacement of funds

We have final authority

We take on 100% responsibility for all investments

Other Support Services

We are committed to helping advisors build their practices through direct sales support and coordination of marketing efforts. Our services include customized marketing campaigns directed to plan participation, business development tactics such as prospecting, quoting, vendor communication, plan design facilitation and direct sales support. We will work with you to build your practice and help your clients achieve retirement success.

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