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ABG Advantage

Alliance Benefit Group offers comprehensive and totally integrated retirement plan administration services encompassing all aspects of plan management.

  • Our experienced administration teams can design and administer customized benefits solutions.
  • Our professional staff is unparalleled when it comes to providing accurate, timely, and excellent client service.
  • Customized PPA compliant statements are delivered to your employees electronically or via first class mail.
  • We record keep all of your employees' contribution rates, and even given them the ability to make changes online.
  • We offer state of the art website services for Employees, Employers, and Plan Advisors.
  • Employees have the ability to schedule one-time or recurring rebalances on their investments.
  • Your employees will have the ability to make investment changes via their online account on a daily basis.
  • We draft and issue annual disclosures to your employees, which meet all current regulations to keep your plan compliant.
  • We offer annual compliance testing services, as required by the IRS and DOL regulations.
  • We execute mutual fund, equity, and ETF trading via multiple trading platforms.
  • We provide you with a secure portal to transfer sensitive documents to our team.

The ABG Advantage combines our recordkeeping service and our expert plan administration to create a low cost solution to meet the unique needs of your clients. Our open architecture platform offers access to virtually any investment option available with Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments, and Matrix Broadridge, as well as state of the art tools and resources to help with all aspects of retirement planning. We provide comprehensive benefits solutions to ensure successful employee outcomes.

Our Custodial Partners:

Our Full Range of Administrative Services

Daily Valuation of Employee Accounts
Annual, Quarterly, and Daily Reporting and Administration
Customized PPA Compliant Employee Statements
Employee, Employer, and Plan Advisor Website Services
Detailed Client Reporting Services
Trust Accounting Services
Compliance Testing
404(a)(5) DOL Employee Disclosure Services
Document Preparation and Filing
Loan Modeling and Administration
Daily Investment Exchanges
Electronic Data Interfaces for Data Transfers
In-House Customer Service Call Center
24-hour Voice Response/IVR System
Automatic Rebalancing
Ability to Record Keep Unique Assets
Contribution Calculations
Paperless Transaction Processing
Mutual fund, equity, and ETF trading via multiple trading platforms

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